Recent studies have shown men’s hairstyles are more significant than facial features when making a first impression. In fact, within three seconds of meeting you, people form a first impression about the type of person you are and your hairstyle leads the charge – for men and women. Whether getting ready for a date, looking

Mens Hairstyles Making A First Impression

Hair color should sometimes change with the season. In areas with climates like Madison WI, the changes can be dramatic. In summer, all hair color is affected by sun exposure. Blondes get blonder and brunettes often develop natural highlights. As autumn approaches, women can take advantage of the natural landscape too; They can make their

Women’s Hair Color For Fall – Lowlights

Womens hair color protection during summer months is a hot topic for those wanting to protect their investment. Because women’s hair color is artificial, it is subject to being broken down by the elements. The biggest offender is the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. In a relatively short period of time, UV rays will

Protecting Womens Hair Color Against Summer Sun

Womens hairstyles with bangs are in again. What was old is new. A look around shows bangs have been gaining favor the past few years are extremely popular now. Are bangs right for you?  It is easy to go back and forth on the decision about bangs. Below are a few thoughts to consider before

Womens Hairstyles – Bangs

It is often said an individual only has one opportunity to make a first impression. If that is the case even half the time, the right mens hairstyles are just as important as women’s hairstyles.  Not only can men look good, but the right look increases confidence, allowing men  to meet any situation presenting itself.

Mens Hairstyles Tell A Story

Dry hair and dry scalp are common wintertime problems in Madison and most areas of the country. It is a time when there is naturally less moisture in the air and when combined with furnaces without any type of humidifying equipment dry hair and dry scalp are to be expected. Dry hair can become unmanageable,

Fighting Dry Hair and Scalp in Madison WI