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Recent studies have shown men’s hairstyles are more significant than facial features when making a first impression.

In fact, within three seconds of meeting you, people form a first impression about the type of person you are and your hairstyle leads the charge – for men and women.

Whether getting ready for a date, looking for a new job or meeting potential in-laws, men’s hairstyles project an image of who they are, their intelligence, self-confidence, or on the negative side, how disorganized they appear.

Dr. Marianne LaFrance, director of the study First Impressions and Hair Impressions and Professor of Psychology and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Yale University, asserts that until now there has been no investigation of the unique effect hairstyle has on first impressions. “We wanted to learn whether the frame around the face — the hairstyle — can significantly alter how a person is seen,” says Dr. LaFrance. “We found that different hairstyles quickly lead others to ‘see’ different kinds of people.”

Key Findings For Men’s Hairstyles

So what do various men’s hairstyles convey?  According to Dr. LaFrance’s study, no style is all positive or negative and people do actually judge a book by its cover. The findings listed below demonstrate different men’s hairstyles are linked to stereotypical personality traits ranging from positive qualities to unflattering.

Sexiest – Mens hairstyles that are short, front-flip hairstyles (think Brad Pitt and Matthew LeBlanc) are seen as most confident and sexy. The bad news is men with these hairstyles are also perceived as self-centered.

Walking Tall – Men wearing hairstyles that are medium-length and side-parted are viewed as the most intelligent and affluent – which is excellent for job interviews. The downside is men with these styles are seen as the most narrow-minded.

Fabio Is Not Fab – Bad news for long-haired Fabio types – all brawn and no brains according to the study. The perception is they are least intelligent and careless as well as the most good-natured.

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