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Womens hairstyles with long, piecey bangs are quirky and cool

Womens hairstyles with bangs are in again. What was old is new. A look around shows bangs have been gaining favor the past few years are extremely popular now.

Are bangs right for you?  It is easy to go back and forth on the decision about bangs. Below are a few thoughts to consider before you take the next step with your bang decision.

  • What type of bangs do you want?
  • What hair texture or type do you have?
  • What is your face Shape?

Factors To In Selecting Hairstyles With Bangs

Type of Bangs To Consider

Long & Side Swept – These are sleek bangs and are flattering for every face shape. Your stylist will cut long bangs at an angle so they blend in with the rest of your hair. Sometimes you  tuck your bangs behind one ear and let them air-dry. More info  http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/best-hairstyles-with-bangs#slide=1

Long & Thick – With long, straight cuts, blunt bangs have a cool ’60s vibe. This is a heavy brow-skimming fringe suiting thick hair (fine hair gets wispy) and makes oval faces seem thinner. If you have strong cowlicks at the crown, avoid this cut because they can cause unwanted separation in your bangs. More info  http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/best-hairstyles-with-bangs#slide=2

Long, Face-Framing Bangs – Bangs hitting right at the corners of your eyes highlight cheekbones and are flattering to oval and round faces. This look draws attention to the eyes so use black liquid liner to highlight them. More info  http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/best-hairstyles-with-bangs#slide=3

Long, Peicy Bangs – These bangs are quirky and cool—not prim and proper. Because of separation in the middle a little imperfection adds to the style. These bangs work on all face shapes. More info http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/best-hairstyles-with-bangs#slide=4

Short bangs – Mini bangs make a pixie cut look fresh, innocent and appealing. They also slim a round face and make a small forehead appear longer. By pushing bangs to the side you can create a cool, hip look. More info  http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/best-hairstyles-with-bangs#slide=5

Clip-In Bangs  –  Are a great way to add fringe without committing to cut your hair. For natural looking faux bangs find a hairpiece matching your hair color and texture. Clip-ins are a great option if you’re considering getting bangs—it’s a great way to test out the look temporarily. More info  http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/best-hairstyles-with-bangs#slide=6

Hair Texture or Type – When It’s Good To be Dense

Thick Hair – Blunt, thick and heavy bangs work well on thick hair. If you want more of a feathered or soft bang, be prepared for a lot of texturizing and thinning.

Fine Hair – Soft and feathered bangs work well on fine hair. To help your bangs to look thicker, ask for blunt bangs, or try pulling a lot of hair forward in your bangs like Carrie Underwood:

See multiple examples of Face Shapes and Bangs http://blog.hairandmakeupbysteph.com/2012/04/what-to-know-before-you-cut-bangs.html

Hairstyles & Face Shape

Round Face – Bangs are often used to break up the roundness of a face. Long bangs cut to sweep a cheekbone work great on round faces. Avoid parting in the center parts and too much volume at the sides.

Oval Face – The oval is the most balanced face shape. The result is nearly any type of bang will look good with an oval shape.  If your face is more oblong, a wider straight across bang can add width to your face.

Square Face – Try a softer bang.  Blunt or heavy bangs will make your face look more square. Razored bangs will soften a strong jaw line.

Heart Face – Balance your face’s shape by making your forehead look slimmer with bangs. Side-swept bangs or straight across bangs work well. Keep your straight across bangs at least to the brow, and try to end them before your temples, making your forehead look narrower.

See multiple examples of Face Shapes and Bangs http://blog.hairandmakeupbysteph.com/2012/04/what-to-know-before-you-cut-bangs.html

More Bangs & Woman Hairstyle Issues –

Cowlicks – the best way to deal with a cowlick in bangs is the keep them long or thick.  Short, thin bangs + a cowlick = a disaster!

Styling  – A lot of how bangs look on celebrities depends on how they are styled.  Are they curled?  How are they blow dried?  Do they piece them out with hair product?  Pay attention to those details so your bangs can look just like the picture you brought in.

Be realistic – “I love these bangs” – But think about it, is it really the actual bangs that I love?  Or is it the whole look – the cute side braid and how it’s curled and the hat.  Or is it just the fact that it’s Rachel McAdams and she always looks amazing.

When you look for pictures of bangs, looks for pictures of celebrities at public appearances or doing real things, rather than from photo shoots.  This will give you a better idea of what bangs really look like and how they’ll look on you.

Note from Look N Good Salon:

The concepts for this blog post were inspired by two blogs. Hair & Makeup by Steph and the Allure magazine website. They posted many great example photos and will expand on the notes we have made. Please give us a call when you need your haircut or hairstyle.

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