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Womens Hair Color For Fall – Lowlights

Hair color should sometimes change with the season.

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Lowlights can add a new dimension to your hair color

In areas with climates like Madison WI, the changes can be dramatic. In summer, all hair color is affected by sun exposure. Blondes get blonder and brunettes often develop natural highlights.

As autumn approaches, women can take advantage of the natural landscape too; They can make their hair color look better than ever.

As you pack away your beach towels and trade your lemonade for a hot chocolate, think of what adding lowlights in your hair color will do to your “style”. Lowlights add a rich, luscious feel that looks great with the change in colors (leaves) and the addition of sweaters, jackets and scarves.

Hair Color Lowlights From Look n’ Good Salon

To help our customers with overly lightened hair needing an infusion of rich autumn color to freshen up their style, we have a SPECIAL LOWLIGHTS OFFER.

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Protecting Womens Hair Color Against Summer Sun

Womens hair color protection during summer months is a hot topic for those wanting to protect their investment.

Protecting Womens Hair Color - Look N Good Salon - Madison WI

Bandannas can protect womens hair color from UV rays and make a statement

Because Womens hair color is artificial, it is subject to being broken down by the elements. The biggest offender is the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. In a relatively short period of time, UV rays will break down the artificial pigments and help you wash the color out of your hair.

Womens Hair Color Protection – Step One

To help protect the longevity of artificial womens hair color, simply covering it helps a great deal and can also be a fashion statement. Consider the following –

Hats – whether you use them as a fashion accessory as part of an outfit or as part of a protection system for extended time in the sun such as at the beach, hiking or other outdoor activity where there will be no relief from the sun, hats are easy to use. Easy on in the sun and easy off for when you are in the shade.

Bandanas – some rigorous activities require a more “locked down” solution and a bandanna can be the perfect solution when protecting womens hair color. For action like beach volleyball, cruising on a motorcycle or in a convertible or other action oriented activities such as boating, hiking, rock climbing or even working in your yard or garden, bandannas are great for protection and they exude and attitude. Continue reading

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