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Boys Haircuts & Boys Hairstyles For Back To School In Madison WI

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Spiky is sporty this fall

Boys in Madison want haircuts expressing who they are. Look ‘N Good Salon specializes in Boys Haircuts.

Moms want a good looking haircut that is easy to manage and help get their boys out the door and off to school in the morning.

A great, low maintenance boys haircuts strategy has the following elements:

  • A trim cut around the back and sides
  • Texturizing the top, including
    • Flat top
    • Faux hawk
    • Mohawk
    • Long bang
    • Spike

This haircut strategy is a solid choice for back to school, the holidays and spring as well. It looks good and is easy to maintain.

Having the right products – depending on the cut – will help ease the morning rush. For example

  • Gel – if you have a spike hairstyle, gel makes it quick and easy to look perfect
  • Conditioner for taming longer hair. Be sure to have the right conditioner for your hair and hairstyle.
  • Pomade – style with a squirt – using your hand to shape your hair is quick, easy and stylish.
Contact or professional staff for a variety of hairstyle  ideas your boy will love.
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Short Hair Means Stress Free Mornings

Boys haircuts_Look N Good Salon_Madison WI

Spiky Looks Are Great For Any Age Boy


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